Somebody tell me this isn’t true

by NobblySan

Bad News


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19 Comments to “Somebody tell me this isn’t true”

  1. Well, she won’t last the year out, anyway:


  2. Thatcher MkII:


  3. BJ at the FO. The man who won £1000 for a limerick about Turkish President Erdoğan? You couldn’t make this up… 🙂


  4. monkey reads news of Boris’s appointment . . .


  5. This really is a sick joke on May’s part. She’s instantly discredited by this fucking ridiculous appointment.

    It smacks of the evil Thatcher when she appointed Jim Prior to the position of NI secretary after he’d openly stated that it was the one job he didn’t want.

    Twats; playing with their power and sod the effect on the rest of the country.


  6. Well, this is what you all wanted, and this is what you’ve got – DEMOCRACY !

    But, you see, Democracy is only Democracy when it’s your kind of Democracy, innit ?

    All this has achieved is a load of belly-aching about who’s doing/not doing what, and how they’re a bunch of thieving, self-promoting, privileged bastards who just ignore the public’s (your personal and fuck everyone else) needs and wants.

    Well, this Democracy thing has come back to bite you on the arse.

    As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m a Royalist.

    See. What I mean is, if the Royal Family was in control, and all this Commie-like Democratic shite was flushed down the bog (where it belongs) and you had no say in the running of the country (a bit like you profess now) then you could all go down the pub and bitch about the Windsors. This would have the benefit of erradicating division and uniting all you twats in a common hatred of the ruling class.

    Did I mention that I have European Royal blood pumping through my veins ?

    The story about a Spanish aristocrat putting a Cornish Gypsy girl in the club some couple of hundred years ago is just that, a story, and a malicious one at that !

    Anyway, think about what I’ve said.


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