Get ready for the Alien Invasion

by sticky


It appears that the President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, is in contact with representatives from extraterrestrial worlds, and the bad news is – they’re not too happy about the United Kingdom leaving the Union.



So I think we all ought to be on our guard, as those little green men are probably heading this way right now, to kick our butts into line. As if we haven’t got enough illegal aliens already.

Or maybe we should be grateful that we’re getting out of an outfit run by somebody who is 6 degrees removed from reality?


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One Comment to “Get ready for the Alien Invasion”

  1. The staff at MH News Int., stood trembling in front of the green-scaled, antenna-adorned, extraterrestrial being that levitated in front of them, fearfully anticipating the moment it would embarrass them with a demand for the nigh impossible.



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