Trump vs Trump

by duncanr

arsehole is consistently inconsistent . . .

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4 Comments to “Trump vs Trump”

  1. Looks like your weak mind fell for the media trap so no one notices 2000 more Crooked Hillary emails came out today reading no doubt she has earned her nick name with her illegal “Pay to Play”

    Or perhaps…let’s not mention Crooked Hillary’s health issues

    Or that Reuters is polling 15% more Democrats than Republicans to make it appear Crooked Hillary’s in the lead when Trump has a lead on her by 10-15% in the world of reality

    Ssshhh…pretend we don’t see the picture that’s floating all over the internet of Obama’s oldest daughter smoking a joint at the concert she was at last night

    No of course not…

    But rather let us take a no nothing nonsense completely made up story and run with it because that’s the best you can do as a journalist


  2. Here’s an interesting article by Michael Moore:


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