by duncanr


9 Comments to “72kg”

  1. Is there a message here ?

    Am I missing something ?

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    • Ratty, don’t you see? This is a exactly the kind of small business initiative that Britain will be free to pursue now that it is no longer going to be held back by bureaucratic red tape (or something like that).

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      • Ah, the film is badly cropped. I didn’t notice the client stepping on the scales before handing over an undisclosed cash sum which, most likely, will not be declared as taxable income by the service provider.

        Personally, I would have gone for a non-capital start-up venture in the form of a business investment forecast programme, along the lines of “gissa quid or you’ll get yer balls kicked.” A low risk scheme for the entrepreneur and one that very few people would find themselves being able to resist.

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        • I think you may be onto something there, Ratty. It sounds like just the kind of outside-the-box, joined-up, blue-sky thinking the new Theresa May government would be very interested in promoting. You should definitely get in touch with the powers that be on this one.


    • “Is there a message here ?”

      I think it means ‘All things come to those who wait’.


  2. I thought that was very well done. It just shows you can make an interesting story on a budget of virtually nothing. (My guess about what was in the box was way off, by the way.) 🙂


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