It was her suit that did it . . .

by sticky


saddle_soreNow, I’m not a fan of sport, other than watching the Wimbledon final if a Brit (or Andy Murray) is playing. So you can imagine that the endless cycle of the annual/four-yearly calendar of sporting events is, to me, at the very least an inconvenience, and at most a right bleeding nuisance.

Then there are the political considerations of these major sporting events, which have in the past been boycotted, hijacked, and even subjected to terrorist activity.

The Olympic Games was recreated in order to bring nations together in peaceful, yet competitive, activity, and this is admirable: but politics always spoils the party. I don’t know if the 1936 Berlin Olympics was the first instance of the ‘Olympic ideal’ being used to push a political doctrine, but it certainly backfired, thanks largely to black American athlete Jesse Owens, who took four gold medals at those games. Fuck you, Hitler.

Even without overt political extremism, the world’s most populous/powerful nations have used the success of their Olympic athletes to project their particular doctrine and, to this end, have pumped massive amounts of cash into developing sporting elitism. Hence the overwhelming success of the USA, USSR and China over the years.

Now it seems that the UK (Britain, GB, whatever you want to call it) has joined this elite club, apparently due to former PM John Major decreeing that massive amounts of cash be pumped into sport. This has now paid off, and Team GB are, at the time of writing, second only to the USA in the medals table. Shit economy; failing NHS; housing crisis; increasing violence in prisons, but International Sporting Glory. Makes you proud, doesn’t it.

Anyway, I digress. One of the disciplines that Team GB has been particularly successful in is cycling. Apart from us beating the French at their own game, the Brits seem to have achieved nothing short of World Domination. This appears to have been brought about in no small part by the ‘appliance of science’: lightweight materials, aerodynamics, special fabrics, even surface profiling.

Oh, and one other thing:


13 Comments to “It was her suit that did it . . .”

  1. Oh dear, sorry folks, I forgot to insert the ‘read more’ cue again.


  2. When in Brazil, etc.


  3. Just goes to prove that they didn’t win by a close shave.


  4. ” . . . and hair she comes, into the home straight. Can she snatch victory?”


  5. Our athletes who were fortunate enough to get a medal were promised cash pay-outs prior to the games. When they arrived back at the airport this morning our loud-mouthed sports minister promised Wayde an extra R150k for the WR, Caster an extra R100k for her fire (whatever that meant), an extra R70k for silver and an extra R50k for bronze.

    Sunette Viljoen (silver for javelin) tweeted from the airport :
    “Money again promised the medallists. Hope to see it within the next year. The begging is set to begin.”

    Clearly our country is lacking in pumping money into sport …. our money just goes into Zoomer’s pockets.


    • He must be running . . . for office again soon ?


      • Oh I certainly hope he will be running ….. not for office though


        • What are the alternatives to Zuma, Jules?

          Are there any decent politicians who could step in?


          • Absolutely – Mmusi Mmaimane (leader of the opposition – the DA) – he is young, but he knows what he wants and is determined to make a change in this country. He is highly intelligent (speaks 7 different languages), and can actually read a number without making himself look like a right chop! I think in the 2019 general elections, the ANC are going to get a beating of note (they just lost 8 % support in the local elections that were held at the beginning of this month, and they lost a lot of the important metros which are now DA run). Strangely enough, in the metros where the DA didn’t have an outright win, our old friend Juliarse (with his EFF party) jumped into bed with the DA which gave them the metro (I think Zuma is now wishing he had done away with his old buddy a few years ago) – Juliarse is determined to get the ANC out of power now.


  6. So Malema has his own party now, does he? I wondered what had happened to him.

    Does EFF stand for Extremely Fat Fucker, by any chance?


    • Yip indeed he went and formed his own little party (I don’t think that’s entirely what Zuma had in mind for him).

      I do like your definition of EFF …. fittingly appropriate!


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