Best of Butlins

by duncanr

folk of a certain age will remember the short ‘filler’ films by British Pathé shown while waiting for the main feature to start at the cinema

these have been archived and every month a compilation of these clips on a related theme is posted on YouTube

this month it is a nostalgic look back at Butlin holiday camps – a favourite holiday destination for Brits after the 1939-45 war when money was tight and very few could afford to holiday abroad

surrounded by high fencing, rows of small basic box-like accommodation, communal canteens, uniformed’red-coats’ patrolling, loudspeakers blaring to rouse folk from sleep in the morning and issue announcements about meal times, activities taking place, etc – the regimentation often invoked a comparison/jokes about prison camps – but oh did we have fun . . .


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