The Cat Man of Aleppo

by duncanr

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel is known as the ‘Cat Man’ in Aleppo

before war broke out in Syria, he was an electrician, but now Mohammad drives an ambulance ferrying the sick and injured to hospital, and in his ‘spare time’ feeds and provides shelter for cats left behind when their owners fled the city –

3 Comments to “The Cat Man of Aleppo”

  1. His last point is a good one. I think people who care about animals are more likely to be ones who care about people too.

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    • I agree with you, in general – there are some exceptions though

      for instance, I go out of my way to avoid harming any animal – flies and spiders who wander into my house can be assured they will be gently apprehended and given safe passage back outside without any harm befalling them (no matter how long it takes me trying to trap the buggers with a tumbler in one hand and a piece of card in the other)

      there are some folk, however, – some politicians readily spring to mind – I would happily give a kick up the backside!

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      • Well, I know how you feel, Duncan. I’m much the same with spiders, and beetles, but if the likes of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Pauline Hanson or Marine Le Pen got stuck on a piece of flypaper, they could stay there all night for all I care.


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