Finally, at last . . .

by duncanr

helpful signs in a store


via B&P

[but where do they keep the thingamjigs?]

9 Comments to “Finally, at last . . .”

  1. You do know the introduction of Latin is the latest trend in “upmarket” shopping, dontcha ?


  2. “They know where things are in B&Q” . . .


    • Is B&Q the store where you search for your purchase from a catalogue and, with one of their pens, fill out a paper with the number and quantity of the item(s) you want, before giving it to a staff member ?

      If it is, then I’ve been there – and will never go again. It’s rubbish.

      No, if it’s a good quality pen you’re after, then I absolutely recommend “Argus.” Their’s are totally awesome, plus the securing cord is easy-peasy to snap.

      But – hey – you didn’t hear this from me. OK ?


  3. This reminds me of the time, several years ago, that an inmate escaped from the ‘lunatic asylum’.

    He made his way down the road, then stumbled into a laundry, where he had sex with two of the female workers, before running off.

    The headline in the local paper next day read:


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    • Bloody hell. I remember that one from Primary School, when I was about 8 or 9.

      ratty was our headmaster at the time, and he told it in assembly one morning.


      • Yes, boy, I remember you from back then. I recollect telling your parent’s that you’d never amount to anything, you snivelling little brat.

        Mr. Roe-Dent (ex-headmaster and kiddy-fiddler, Eaten).


        • Telling my parent’s, what?


          • Errm, that you were a jolly fine fellow, (yes, that’s what I said, I can remember like it was yesterday) top-op-the-class, a spiffing chap and that it was a great pleasure having you at my school, etc, etc, and that you would go far -the further the better- and a host of other nice things, really I did.

            (Damn him. If only I was fifty years younger).


  4. Been looking for some of those for ages!


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