Making Life that Little bit Easier

by duncanr

to think I’ve been struggling for years to fit clean cover on my king sized duvet (not helped by a pack of dogs getting in the way) –

when it was really this easy . . .


if you all knew about this ‘trick’ already but no bugger thought to tell me about it, I shall be most annoyed !

6 Comments to “Making Life that Little bit Easier”

  1. Gosh, Duncan, I’ve known that trick for years. You only had to ask !

    Actually, my problem is with the sheet with the elasticated corners. The one that’s used to cover the mattress.

    Taking it on and off is no problem. My trouble is trying to fold -the fucking thing- it up after -the bastard thing’s- it’s been washed.

    Can anyone help ?


  2. SERIOUSLY DUNCS!!! You could have posted this years ago and saved me climbing inside duvet covers!!

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