by NobblySan

What a spoiled brat this bloke is.

He has been made a multi-millionaire and household name by virtue of his skill at one particular sport, and he can’t  take time out to act like a responsible adult in order to fulfil his contractual obligations.

It’s my mobile phone and I’m taking it home! Boo Hoo!

Bollocks to you, Mr. Hamilton – I used to think that you were bigger and better than this.

Obviously I was wrong.



4 Comments to “Knob!”

  1. Well, I never trusted him after that cash-for-questions thing.

    And then he went and joined UKIP.


  2. Ease up on the poor lad, Nobbly. Hamilton’s under a lot of stress.

    With the introduction of driverless cars, he knows his days are numbered.


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