A Cutting Response

by duncanr

man-pushing-lawnmoweran Arkansas man seriously pissed off someone so much they mowed the words ‘Fuck You‘ on his lawn – http://tinyurl.com/z8un88s

[as one commentator on the reported incident put it – if only he had annoyed the person responsible a bit more, he might have got his whole lawn mown!] 😆


21 Comments to “A Cutting Response”

  1. I didn’t read the whole article. I got as far as “A Jonesboro man discovered Thursday morning” and was consumed with jealousy.

    I mean, why the fuck can’t I get my name in the history books by discovering something like that ?


    • I’d like to punch the evil bastard that discovered Monday morning.

      Discovering it was one thing, but letting it loose on an unsuspecting world was downright criminal.


      • . . . and who was it that changed the ten o’clock tea break into “Elevenses.” I mean, that’s just one hour before Dinner time (sorry, I mean “Lunch”) because “Dinner” is now at tea-time and tea-time is now called “Supper” which used to be a mug of Horlicks or Coco before we went to bed (sorry, “retired” which we used to do at age 65).

        And . . .


  2. Of course, the person responsible might not have been angry with the homeowner at all. Perhaps he just really, really hated grass.


  3. Did the Sheriff’s Department seek the help of a handwriting expert ?


    • Worried, are we . . . ?


      • Look at that, I mean, just look at that !

        Honestly, a three-dot leader followed by a question mark !

        A question mark (known properly as a “Query”) incorporates its own full stop (known by its correct title of “Full Point,” and, therefore, should be incorporated into the leader and not as an addition.

        Example – . . ?

        See me after class.


        • Why is it called a three-point leader, when it comes at the arse end of a sentence?

          Should it not, more properly, be known as a three-point follower, or trailer?

          Eh . . ? [sic]


          • Also . . .

            Phwoarrrr! Dontcha just luv it when e’s all masterful an’ commandin’ like that?


          • Because its purpose is to suggest to the reader that either, more is to follow, or that the subject preceding it’s use is posed in such a way that the reader cannot but draw his own conclusion(s).



            • it’s ?

              With a fucking apostrophe?

              Shame on you, sir!

              May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!


              • Well done, young San, you noticed my deliberate error (cough).

                However, I should mention that your example of my tantalising “mistake” is completely incorrect. All punctuation should be included within inverted commas (“quotations” – as they are correctly known).



                • Ooooh… tell me off, Sir. I’ve been a very naughty boy.

                  I think I need a really good shouting at.

                  Or maybe lines, or detention.


                  • NobblySan, I suspect you have a masochistic tendency.

                    For myself, I tend to lean towards sadism.

                    For these two reasons, I have decided not to punish you – as punishment !


                    • Ahhh it’s too much . . . the sheer ecstasy of it.

                      Knowing that I should be punished and so wanting to be, yet also knowing that you’re not punis…..

                      Right! Bollocks to all that – it’s getting too weird. Before I know it, I’ll be joining the conservative party or filling in the form to apply to be an Anglican Bishop.


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