You’re Never Too Old . . .

by duncanr

to learn

the saying goes

well, I learnt something new today . . .

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7 Comments to “You’re Never Too Old . . .”

  1. Oh I can’t wait to butt in next time ‘ He’s not great at DIY but he thinks he is,’ is in action’ and share what I’ve seen here. Acting of course as if he’s an awful eejit not to have known this for the past twenty years. 🙂

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  2. I’m a little worried about myself. I know zero about carpentry, DIY, home repairs, etc., but I actually found this pretty interesting. It’s amazing all the little features that are built into the tape measure.


  3. Oh my god!

    This is serious. I mean – really, really serious.

    I am bereft, and my life now lacks purpose and direction.

    Earlier today, I was installing a corner manger (don’t ask . . .) in the stable, and . . .

    Fuck me! The tape measure that I’ve had and trusted for years , didn’t have the little slotty fucking hole in the end!

    Nooooooooo . . . !


  4. Happy Birthday, ratty !


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