Aberfan Remembered

by duncanr

I remember this so well

50 years ago today, 144 folk in the small Welsh mining village of Aberfan lost their lives when the slag heap perched above the village – slid down the mountain and engulfed 19 houses and the village school where 116 young children died

some harrowing footage of the time here . . .


5 Comments to “Aberfan Remembered”

  1. This was so tragic, unthinkable that in one split second a village lost most of it’s children. Mom used to tell us the story of Aberfan over and over when we were children – they had friends who lived there. They had moved over here by the time the tragedy happened.


  2. I remember this from when I was a kid: I was eight at the time it happened, and can remember asking my Mum why she was crying.

    Years later, what the name Aberfan brings to mind are two things:

    The same video that Dunc has posted, and

    A sickening example of how moronic football fans can be.

    It was a match between Cardiff City and Manchester United some years ago, and whilst losing, the Cardiff fans starting chanting

    “Mew-Nick! Mew-Nick!”

    to goad the Manchester Fans.

    They responded in kind with chants of

    “A-ber-van! A-ber-van!”

    I decided then that your average football fan was a complete waste of space, and I haven’t really altered my opinion much since.

    For those Johnny Foreigner types who don’t get the relevance, try searching for ‘Manchester United, Munich 1958’ and you might get the idea of how thick these bastards are


  3. Yes, I remember that occasion. I am pretty much of the same opinion as you.


  4. It is impossible to imagine.
    Earlier this year I watched a documentary on the killing of the children and their teacher in Dunblane. So many four year olds and the future of a village wiped out. When I went to Scotland this year I could only then appreciate the scale of loss for such a small village, but Aberfan the scale of loss is unfathomable.
    Sad too that this is the only reminder I have seen today.


  5. One of the few news items in Australia of the day which made an impression on then 11-year old me.


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