Sex Starved Leftie Male Seeks Similar Female

by duncanr

snailPoor Jeremy can’t get his leg over because he is left-handed and no right-handed female will have anything to do with him

his luck might be about to change though – the BBC is asking viewers to help find him a mate –

P.S. once you guys have helped find a mate for Jeremy, perhaps you could find one for me a left-handed (cough) friend of mine

2 Comments to “Sex Starved Leftie Male Seeks Similar Female”

  1. OK folks – keep your eyes peeled.

    Dunc wants a lefty snail.

    The best I can come up with so far is a slimy right wing slug, but he’s busy trying to revitalise his election campaign at the moment.


  2. Despite widespread media reports that he’s a pest, the vast majority are still sympathetic to Jeremy, but the sad fact is there are very few lefties out there. The ones you do find almost always think they are right.

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