Question for Trump

by duncanr


2 Comments to “Question for Trump”

  1. Look, laugh if you like but with the falling British pound it’s quite on the cards that Mr Trump will soon be in a position to buy the UK, and after his upcoming defeat in the US presidential election he will probably wish to appoint himself chief executive officer of Britain Inc. where he will be able to pursue his agenda without impediment.
    Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall and have the Scots pay for it.
    Legislated approval of locker room talk
    A compulsory facelift for Teresa May
    Football fans shall be entitled to bear AK-47s
    What else? …


    • Assuming that that were to happen, Allesklar, then under the leadership of HRH Donald, we could vote to become America’s 51st. State.

      Being the most heavily populated State in America would mean that we would have more Congressmen in the Lower House of Representatives than any other State, thus allowing us to vote the US back into the United Kingdom.

      Geddit ?

      Then we could conquer the whole world and . . . hee-hee-hee (wrings hands) cackle-cackle-cackle . . .


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