Stand Up to Cancer – Wedding Dress Prank

by duncanr

how do guys react when a woman turns up on a first date – wearing a wedding dress!

comedian Laura Bubble decided to find out – as part of a campaign to raise money for cancer research

3 Comments to “Stand Up to Cancer – Wedding Dress Prank”

  1. Is it just me, or is it a scam that multi-billion pound pharmaceutical companies are expecting the public to cough up to fund their research?

    Your risks of getting cancer can be reduced by pursuing a healthy lifestyle. And by avoiding GPs.


    • GP’s are just distributors for Pharmeceutical companies,

      Ask one how the presence of Mercury (or whatever) in the drug he’s just prescribed, is going to benefit you – and you’ll probably be met with a blank look.


      • Very true. There was a programme on tv here recently called ‘The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs’. One of the doctors from ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ set up in a surgery in the NW, and attempted to treat people without prescribing medications.

        It was disturbing how readily, and unthinkingly, the GPs at the practice handed out drugs. The BBC doctor achieved amazing results with a group of diabetics, significantly lowering their blood sugar by engaging them in a 30-minute walking routine every day.

        He totally transformed a woman who was in severe pain, and on multiple painkillers, by taking her along to a kung fu class. After a few weeks, she was totally pain-free, and performing the martial art as well as any other novice. Without her drugs.


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