Oral Sex in Supermarket

by duncanr

you don’t get this level of customer service at my local store !

full story here – http://tinyurl.com/zkju9m5


3 Comments to “Oral Sex in Supermarket”

  1. Sniggering, giggling dregs from the bottom of the gene pool, who have no respect for themselves, let alone others.

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  2. It doesn’t happen often, but for once I agree with ratty.

    This is a long way away from being classified as humour (however Dunc wishes to spell it), but more a sad reflection on the state of society.

    Given the sheeplike propensity that we have to adopt all things American as being somehow ‘good’, I don’t think that we’ll be far behind these losers.

    I don’t envy kids today in terms of the world into which they’re growing up.


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