Hillary Shakes a Leg with Bone

by duncanr

4 Comments to “Hillary Shakes a Leg with Bone”

  1. That was well done. I’m on tenterhooks at the moment hoping that she gets elected and not her opponent. (I’ve stuck to just calling him her opponent. If I try to get more descriptive, this comment will definitely turn into a rant.)


    • To be honest, I think that she too is a thoroughly disreputable, lying shyster.

      She’s preferable to Trump by a country mile, but she should still not be let anywhere near the seat of power.

      The States are in trouble whatever happens, and they’ve been made to look a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world by this farcical election campaign. No more or less than they deserve, as it happens – they created all this ‘personality politics’ shit, where presentation is more important than substance.

      On the subject of the rest of the world – I reckon that we’re all in trouble if Trump gets in; less so, if Clinton edges it.

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      • Take a look at A.Word.A.Day Issue 747 from last week…

        This week’s theme
        Words that appear to be coined after someone (but aren’t)

        This week’s words


      • Personality politics might not be so bad if it meant voters were choosing people with the most stable personalities, but it never seems to work out that way. An even scarier problem for me, though, is the way different groups live in their own self-contained information bubbles, and so can’t even agree what the facts are.

        As for Hillary Clinton, well she’s by no means an ideal candidate (to put it mildly). Personally, I’d have loved to see Elizabeth Warren run for president. I think she’d have been outstanding. She has always struck me as someone who says what she thinks, is honest, and isn’t afraid to take on vested interests.

        On the other hand, despite Hillary Clinton’s flaws, she does seem to be informed, intelligent and capable. I don’t think she’s a bigot. I see Donald Trump as being the opposite on all counts. I genuinely worry for the planet if he gets in. I don’t mean this as a hyperbolic flourish. I think he’s quite capable of crippling the global economy or stumbling into a world war.


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