Up Yours!

by duncanr


what it’s all about – http://tinyurl.com/gnseh7z


7 Comments to “Up Yours!”

  1. …the FA said:
    “The poppy is an important symbol of remembrance and we do not believe it represents a political, religious or commercial message, nor does it relate to any one historical event.”

    Yeah, right. So why haven’t they ever wanted to wear poppies on the 4th of July ?


  2. Because it isn’t in November, I suppose. Nobody gives a shit about dead or injured ex-servicemen when the weather’s halfway decent.

    Besides, we only like to remember the fallen from wars in which we were on the winning side. In other words, ones against the Krauts, the Frogs, the Argies or any number of ill-considered ventures against an assortment of turban-wearing dark-skinned foreign chaps (except the Afghans, coz no bugger wins against them).


  3. It’s interesting to note that that there Feefer allowed De Oirish to wear something on there shirts to commemorate the Easter uprising. Maybe that doesn’t count as ‘political’, but I suspect that there are plenty of proud Irishmen who reckon that the uprising was VERY political.


  4. I wonder if – in years to come – the Scotland football team will be allowed to wear ginger wigs, to remember the fact that on the 11th November 2016 Gordon Strachan was the main casualty of a tame and limp-wristed performance by a bunch of no-hopers battling none-too-valiantly against the auld enemy.


    • And guns. They should be allowed to wear guns as well.


      • Not just wear them, but – when signalled by the referee – they should be able to use them to settle disputed offside decisions.


        • Well said, but they may have to review their rules of engagement team strategy.

          What will be an appropriate response by a team manager on an away match, faced with incoming mortar rounds from the spectator stands?

          Will it be OK to call in a drone strike on a reporter embedded with the enemy opponents?

          If the ball hits a land mine, which team gets to throw in the new ball?

          And more…


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