Spoof John Lewis Ad Proves Hit

by duncanr

an ‘A’ level student has fooled the internet with a fake John Lewis Xmas Ad he created as part of a school project – http://tinyurl.com/hcam7ov

meanwhile as Xmas gets closer, Santa is having problems with rebellious reindeer demanding better pay and conditions for . . .

working their socks off every year pulling that heavy bastard sleigh without any breaks while the fat fucker sits on his arse shouting ‘ho, ho, ho!’


8 Comments to “Spoof John Lewis Ad Proves Hit”

  1. I much prefer this ad:

    (I was hoping to find a version with a title that didn’t give it away, but the idiot spoiled my punchline)


  2. Here’s one that presaged my coming:


  3. Hey, Dunc, if you get any advertising spondoolicks from Tate & Lyle, do I get a cut?


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