Trump : Pie was Right

by duncanr

at the risk of appearing a smartarse, I did tell you – despite the predictions of pollsters, politicians, political analysts, and the media – that americans were going to elect this arsehole


the 45th President of the USA ( )

3 days ago, Jonathan Pie – in a brilliant summary of the political scene in the USA – came to the . . .

same conclusion

10 Comments to “Trump : Pie was Right”

  1. I am still totally shell-shocked. And Duncs next time ….. will ya just shut it so you don’t jinx it? 😉


  2. We could therefore call this election a monumental cock-up.


  3. So did Michael Moore, way back in July, and stated there exactly why Trump would win:
    The rust belt – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


  4. (wakes up, looks at election results)

    Make up the spare room, I’m coming over.

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  5. There’s going to be a lot of Americans unhappy with today’s result.

    . . . but there’s hope for them yet.

    All they have to do is look across the puddle and study our British form of Democracy – and call for another vote !


  6. Right!

    That’s enough moping about over the septics and their affairs – let’s get back to more serious business . . .

    . . . the Tarzan story needs some more effort.


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