Never Forget

by duncanr



7 Comments to “Never Forget”

  1. No comments on here.

    And I can understand the loss of words. It’s taken me a whole day to come up with nothing to say.

    For a lot of us, these men and women are our childrens age. RIP.


    • watching the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance on BBC right now – always feel a mixture of sadness and anger on these occasions

      sorry at the loss of so many lives – made more so by the youth of so many killed in war – and anger at the politicians that send them to war and then shamelessly attend remembrance services and parades


      • Dunc, I always remember the words of my ex-neighbour.

        Roy died a few years ago, and was like an unofficial grandfather to our kids – an all-round great bloke.

        He fought with Montgomery’s lot in Egypt and I once asked him why he never attended any remembrance day parades. He replied that he did ‘enough bloody marching when he was in the army’ and didn’t want to do any more, then went on to express similar feelings to yours.


        • almost burst a blood vessel watching Tony Blair – the man responsible for the death and injury of so many service men and women, and civilians – laying a wreath at the cenotaph !


          • What a twat. (err. . . B-liar, not you).

            That was nothing to do with protecting our country, but all about some narcissistic little prick thinking he was playing with the big boys by cuddling up to that renowned moron, GeeDubya.

            The pair of them should be in jail.

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            • We have our share of such cynical media manipulating pollies, always first in line for photo opportunities, professing pride and support for service(wo)men, while at the same time the government departments they rule fight tooth and nail to delay, limit, and deny support and compensation programs for vets suffering longterm consequences of their service.

              To be fair, pollies are expected to fill the role of dignitaries officiating at such events, and it can be difficult, but many of them manage to do so with genuine tact and humility. Not so Howard, Abbott and their ilk. It takes a special kind of arsehole to show up for the camera shoot, whilst dodging real responsibility for veterans’ welfare.

              What a pity such negative thoughts always come up thanks to said politicians.


    • I agree ratty. I watched this last night, but it didn’t seem appropriate to write for the sake of writing.


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