Oh dear . . .

by NobblySan

They don’t make TV game shows like this any more . . .


17 Comments to “Oh dear . . .”

  1. Well done, Nobbly. A few months ago no-one would have dared put this up. But now those arrogant lefty “we know what’s best for you” politicians are getting a worldwide kick up the arse, we can return to proper telly.


  2. Relax. Don will issue a presidential decree to bring this show back, as part of Making America Great Again


  3. I was going to put a “like” on this post.

    But, I don’t want to get shouted at.


    • Oh for HEAVEN’S SAKE!
      Another preposition AT THE END OF THE SENTENCE.

      It’s merely a matter of applying a few simple grammatical rules, if you don’t want to shouted at get.


      • Things are different in Oz. You might get a preposition at the end of a sentence. Over here you get time off for good behaviour.


        • Well everyone hear agrees a preposition at the end is unheard of.

          In any case, if its a Capital offence you get time off alright…

          But perhaps more important, is how your sentence is served.

          For full enjoyment of a decent lunchcrime menu, served topless perhaps…


  4. Wheres my apostrophe

    (and my question mark)


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