JC 4 PM 4 ME

by duncanr

Robb Johnson and the Corbynistas have released the trailer for their new song – could this be the Xmas No 1 in the UK ?

5 Comments to “JC 4 PM 4 ME”

  1. Well, that should see off whatever slim chance Corbyn had of ever being PM.

    Maybe they should have tried an arpeggio rendition of Sorearsed Train Carriage Blues, by Beardyman Jez and the Momentum Thugettes.


    • Well that’s a step in the right good direction. I was quite flattered, especially the bit about ‘JC’, who really hasn’t been getting the coverage he deserves despite the crucifixion, and … ermmm

      Hang on. That bearded fellow… he’s not… Jay. Cee. ………..(!)
      Ooohh, bugger!! It’s Jeremy Corbyn


  2. The closest they’ll get to Red Wedge is a chunk of cheese from Leicester in their Xmas hamper.


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