Trump: People are saying . . .

by duncanr

well, some of them, anyway on social media – as this Pakistani News Channel reports – that Donald Trump‘s real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan; that he was born in Waziristan in 1954 and went to school there until his parents were killed in a car crash, when he was taken to London by a British Indian Army Captain, then later adopted and taken to America

[perhaps we should demand he produces his birth certificate in case this report isn’t tongue in cheek?] 😆


6 Comments to “Trump: People are saying . . .”

  1. His name is a bit of mouthful, isn’t it? Better to just shorten it to his initials.

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  2. So much for the true origins of the obambulator and D.I.K., but what about other recent discoveries such as the birth certificate in the name of Mungo Eric Thuselah recently unearthed near Truro?

    And there must be other finds yet to be publicised….


  3. Yes, I was reading about one Alan Leslie Klaridge, who changed his name to Claridge, and founded the famous Claridge’s Hotel in London!


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