Congratulations to Mrs Muller

by duncanr

happy-coupleone of the madhatter admins has been keeping a secret from the others – the little shit our s.african admin got married recently and telt no-one

her excuse for keeping everybody in the dark is that her change of status was as much a surprise to her

never knew I was getting married until a few minutes before

as it is to us hearing about it weeks afterwards

it was a month ago, but I could only tell people now as we had to get certain paperwork in order (my darling hubby arranged everything but forgot a few minor details)

bet he didn’t forget to get the beer in!

anyways, congratulations to Julie and Eddie – hope you continue to have a long and happy life together !


12 Comments to “Congratulations to Mrs Muller”

  1. Hi, Julie.

    Great news.

    My very best wishes to you and Eddie.

    Congratulations to you both.



  2. And we never did that camping trip.


  3. Hello Julie,

    Congratulations and very best wishes for a happy life together…



  4. Jules! You star!

    What’s prompted this momentous decision?

    There ‘s got to be an angle – is there a favourable tax position involved?

    Anyway – best wishes to the pair of you.



  5. Thank you so much everyone – I am still surprised that after so many years I am married again.


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