It’s All Fake, Folks

by duncanr

much is being made recently of the growing prominence being given to ‘fake’ news stories circulating on social media sites and the consequent shifts and shaping of attitudes and beliefs as a result

in this video, satirist Jonathan Pie argues ALL news is fake . . .


7 Comments to “It’s All Fake, Folks”

  1. I’ve been seriously impressed with this Jonathan Pie chap and his videos, despite the fact that in each one of them he demonstrates a shocking inability to properly adjust, or knot, a tie.

    However, this “Fake News” video is truly amateur, and the presentation is worthy of the title.

    Right, time to put on my cravate and Camel hair coat and stride around town beating things with my walking cane.



    • Quite, sir. Quite!

      I do, though, rather suspect that the carefully maladjusted tie is all part of the chap’s excellent Left Wing ‘act’.

      The tie is vaguely reminiscent, and therefore, doubtless symbolic, of the style worn in days long gone, by Labour politicians such as the dreadful Prescott chap, and Northern, thuggish trade unionists, such as the dreadful Prescott chap.


      • Heyahh, Heyahh, Sah.

        Demmed cheps from the lewer clesses pretending to be something they’re quaite nawt.

        Tish and nonsense. Couldn’t handle a hengmens noose between ’em !

        As for thet Prescott, he’s jest a jumped up pastry chef, even if he does say he worked for Cunard. Demn, haven’t we all ?

        How’s the Leedy whaife, ol’ chap ?

        Prunella sends har best wishes, sez you just have to come to dinnah, Bleck tie, double Windsor, of course.



        • Lavinia sends her best wishes, old boy.

          We would simply love to come to dinner one evening, but only on condition that you have dispensed with the services of the chef who was in your employ the last time we were up in London at your place. Hell’s teeth, man – the food was simply ghastly.

          If you can confirm that he has been sent packing to seek employment elsewhere, then we will be on the evening train to St. Pancras in a trice.


          • Fed the rascal to the horses, dontcha know.

            Train or Trice, your choice.


            • Egad!

              That was a touch severe, if you don’t mind me saying so.

              Horses, all said and done, have rather delicate digestive systems.


              • Haw ! Haw ! Haw !

                Don’t go fretting so, old fellah. The nags here at Fircombe Hall are quite accustomed to consuming human cadavers, having been fed since birth on the odd idle or errant farm worker or tenant farmer who has fallen behind with the rent.

                Bedside Manor, the retirement home, is situated close by and they too, are a regular supplier.

                Prunella is delighted you and Lavinia are coming and will be preparing a “Fricassée de Corbyn” as soon as he’s been plucked and the shit removed.

                Toodle pip.


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