Facial Fitness PAO

by duncanr

struggling to find that perfect gift for the woman in your life?

relax, guys, madhatters has your back

surprise your loved one this xmas with this unusual gift . . .

she’ll have hours of fun playing with this

it exercises and tones her facial muscles – banishing those unsightly wrinkles – [and keeps her mouth shut while you’re watching sport on TV]

what’s not to like about this? 😆


5 Comments to “Facial Fitness PAO”

  1. Testimonial – I recently purchased this remarkable facial rejuvenating aid and can attest to its anti-ageing claims. I am in my eighties, but now possess the teeth and lips of a two year old.

    My only criticism is that the instructions do not include a warning on over-enthusiastic usage as, in my case, I became airborne on my first few attempts.

    I have discovered that it, too, can have a remarkable affect on firming up the anal muscles and, consequently, now use it for both purposes.

    Many thanks.


  2. Another insane product *LOL*


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