He became an Engineering Designer instead – same difference

by ratty

A recently discovered school photograph featuring NobblySan (top R/H corner) when he was dreaming of becoming a professional footballer and hoping he might be spotted by a talent scout.



7 Comments to “He became an Engineering Designer instead – same difference”

  1. Footballer, my arse.

    I was only there for the craic.


  2. He was a funny bugger, that coach.

    An American chap he was – black when I first met him, but turned white and his nose shrank. I put it down to all that moonwalking, shrieking and clutching his groin.


    • No, you can’t possibly mean – I mean . . . can you ? ! ?


      • That’s the bastard!

        He used to play centre half for Port Vale before a scandal involving him, the corner flag and the chairman’s West Highland White terrier forced an early retirement.

        He moved in coaching, where his use of the short ball and the probing long pass proved deadly amongst youth teams up and down the land.

        I can’t bring myself to watch the video; the sight of white gloves still makes me break out in a panic. Watching the snooker is a real no-no when the referee polishes someone’s balls.


  3. An engineering designer
    Came over from North Carolina
    And posing instead as a coach
    Some boys he attempted to poach

    He engineered the training
    Having designs on those little boys straining
    And, although you might think this queer
    One became a design engineer

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