Christmas Shoes

by duncanr

it’s that time of the year when you can’t go anywhere without your ears being assaulted by bloody Xmas songs

far from making me feel all jolly festive, it irritates me intensively and drives me out of that shop as quickly as I can, so I can sympathise with the hell this rich bitch’s neighbours are going through –

even the best least awful Xmas song would grate on anyone’s nerves if forced to listen to it umpteen times every day for weeks on end and, let’s be honest, most xmas songs are shit and don’t bear repeating even once

and on that note, my vote for the shittiest ever xmas song (there’s tough competition for this award!) goes to Christmas Shoes

if you’re lucky enough never to have heard it, don’t bother – even if curious – to search it out

this guy tells you all you need to know about this awful song . . .


3 Comments to “Christmas Shoes”

  1. Is this the somg you’re talking about, Duncan ?

    Is it . . ?

    IS IT . . . ?

    Well . . . IS IT ?


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