Caption this . . .

by duncanr

this Getty image is misleadingly titled – ‘couple ironing’

any suggestions for a better caption?

Couple ironing

Couple ironing

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4 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. Being a believer in political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, I find that an image depicting an apron-wearing woman labouring away at an ironing board, whilst a casually dressed pipe-smoking male smiles patronisingly on, is totally unacceptable.

    Furthermore, to suggest that this might form the basis for chauvinistic and (humourous ?) comment is in contravention of this august blog’s code of propriety.

    I demand that it be removed immediately, Sah.




    • Ms R80 you are quite correct, and as a fellow sensitive soul I fully support your sentiments.
      Noting that “irons” are a thing of the past, a more appropriate caption might be, for example:

      “Exactly equal half watches fairer, weaker gender steeling clothes.”

      However, I feel compelled to ask are you on your rags? And are you perhaps jumping to unwarranted conclusions based on mere outward appearance?

      It is quite clear to me that she who is holding the pipe is merely exercising her right to dress as she pleases, while her transgender partner learns about housework.

      in solidarity,


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  2. MAN: “Honey, how come you never announce your orgasms anymore?”

    WIFE: “I do, dear, you’re just not here when they happen.”


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