Новогодняя сказка

by duncanr


16 Comments to “Новогодняя сказка”

  1. this russian ad featuring ‘Grandfather Frost’ has received mixed reception . . . http://tinyurl.com/grlfh43


  2. I had high hopes all the way through it that he was going to teach Mom that neglecting a dependent child who loves you is like tying a rope around that child and dragging her against her will through an epic emotional death march of the soul. But flying fish.


  3. I thought that Duncan looked quote menacing in his red gear.


  4. Dunc, should either of my kids ever get their arse into gear and produce some grand-kids, I’ll use that photo to frighten the buggers into going to bed.

    “No! You can’t stay up and watch News at Ten. Now go to bed, or I’ll show you that picture of Dunc.”


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