Forerunner of The Carpenters, perhaps?

by NobblySan



2 Comments to “Forerunner of The Carpenters, perhaps?”

  1. I hope his singing skills are better than his DIY self-build ones.


    • “Cor blimey, Mr Innkeeper, you’ve ‘ad some right cowboys in ‘ere, aintcha? Wot yer need is for me to take aht that bit of dodgy forked wood there, put up a decent bit of brickwork and swap out that knackered ricketty old wooden manger for a kosher wall-mounted jobbie. Those wood ones are just so 20BC mate – they’re not kite-marked nor nuffink.

      What? There’s a kid sleepin’ in it?

      You’re ‘avin a girarf, aintcha? That’s just bleedin’ out of order my son – I’m onto social services and the environmental elf people as soon as I get back to the van.”


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