The World Today

by duncanr

sad, but true . . .

6 Comments to “The World Today”

  1. Quite!

    Before we know it, people will be spending ages staring at computer screens and talking shite on blogging platforms as well.


  2. was finkin same fing as u m8 no need for language like dat innit lol

    Oh, bollocks! It’s no use, I just can’t bring myself to write such illiterate shite. Never mind that dreary video – the world is mad in plenty of other ways.

    Best wishes to all and sundry for a happy new year, as well.


  3. Happy New Year. I took a phone/laptop/blog break over Christmas and didn’t miss it at all. Easy to be sucked back in again though. I’m slowly getting back to pre Christmas levels. I feel like an alcoholic who goes off drink for a few days just to prove he’s not an alcoholic.


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