Pyjama Palaver

by duncanr

sexy-trolley-ladysome folk in the UK are getting all het up about whether or not it is appropriate to leave the house wearing pyjamas (or as it is now marketed – ‘lounge wear‘)

and this all because one prat man was offended by the sight of two woman wearing nightwear in his local Tesco

personally, I don’t see the problem with this but the bugger has spoilt it for the rest of us ‘cos now Tesco are talking about introducing a dress code for customers to their store –


4 Comments to “Pyjama Palaver”

  1. I take the view that if some pondlife are just too bone idle to get dressed before going out then that’s their business.

    I’m not offended, just rather saddened that such slovenly idle bastards live and walk among us.

    Do I give a flying one about who says what on twitter?

    That’s a big ‘NO!’ as well, I’m afraid.


  2. Shopping in their nightwear ?

    Have people lost all sense of decency ?

    What’s more, even with my mobile phone securely sellotaped to the front wheel of my supermarket trolley, I’m finding it almost impossible to film up a pyjama leg.


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