by duncanr

body letting you down – suffering from aches and pains?

haven’t got the time (or money) to go see a doctor?

no worry – madhatters can help. Just follow this handy advice

P.S. this guy seems to have a lot of health issues – click here


7 Comments to “Acupressure”

  1. I was feeling too elated all the time, so my acupressure therapist said she’d take me down a peg or two.


  2. But . . . having done all that, what do you do to relieve the pain in your, now sore, ear ?


  3. I wonder if applying a clothes peg (or similar . . .) to one of your other organs can cure earache?

    Perhaps ratty can advise – he’s always fiddling with his organ, and from what we gather suffers a lot of earache.


  4. Or loss of comments and contributors.


    • Oh, come on – really !

      Admittedly we haven’t seen a new contributor for a few years, but we did get a comment last week.

      Or, was it the week before ?


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