Bikers vs Electric Fence

by duncanr

while out cycling with some mates, a lad try to lift his bike over a fence – not realising, until too late, that it was electrified

when he received a shock, he dropped the bike, which became entangled in the fence

trying to free the bike proved no easy task . . .

3 Comments to “Bikers vs Electric Fence”

  1. That’s class.

    Electric fences are always good for a laugh.

    When my daughter was younger and we used to take the horses to events, my mate had a portable fencing kit that he used to put up to corral the horses.

    The horses sussed it out immediately and always stayed at least a foot away from the fence, but Dave’s two lurcher dogs would try to walk under it.

    You’d hear a crackle, a yelp and a whimpering that slowly receded as the dog legged it across the field.

    Did they learn?

    Did they bollocks: Ten minutes later they’d reappear, and the whole thing would be repeated.

    You could almost see the ponies looking on and shaking their heads sadly.


  2. I was going to point out how stupid dogs are but there’s this other mammal….


  3. Extremely funny. So many bosses saying how to do it, and the continual sparking noise…


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