Cornish Winter Preparations

by duncanr

snow-shovelwinter’s come the snow has fell
wee josie’s nose is froze as well
wee josie’s frozen nose is skintit
winter’s diabolic, intit?

the UK is bracing itself for heavy snowfalls today and the next few days –

in response, local councils have got their gritters out and snowploughs standing by to keep the roads clear of snow and ice

even cash-strapped Cornwall council is . . .

preparing for the expected heavy snowfalls



4 Comments to “Cornish Winter Preparations”

  1. Now, being a Brit, and of it proud
    I sometimes have to shout out loud
    To others who are, plainly, crass
    And say, and spell, the word ‘arse’ ass

    I’ve been to Cornwall many times
    And am a ‘Master of the Rhymes’
    The one who wrote that masturbates –
    They’ve never been out of ‘The States’


  2. Alas, Mr Poet-Laureate, such Septic spelling is becoming increasingly common over here.

    People are just plain lazy, thick, or gullible, I suppose.


  3. Only problem is, see, that bugger jest won’t start in the cold. Proper job ‘e is in sommer though, wnen ’tis ‘ot.


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