Something for the Weekend – No 248

by duncanr

if you want to listen again to previous weekend songs, go to the ‘category filter’ on the side bar and select ‘something for weekend’ from the drop down list

feel free, too, to share a sample of what you are listening to this weekend in a comment to this post


13 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 248”

  1. The bugger muscles in on everybody’s set.


  2. Q. Has Gavin Rossdale lost any cred he might have had, since becoming a judge on ‘The Voice’?

    A. Who gives a fuck?


          • Never ‘eard of ’em – or him.

            Very Cobainesque

            Never watched ‘The voice’ either for that matter.


            • I watched it for the first time last week, but couldn’t recommend it: I assume that the other Saturday night ‘talent’ shows are just as bad. I suspect that Rossdale has taken some bad advice from his agent or record company about ‘expanding his profile’ in Britain, or something.


              • To be honest, I’ve never watched any of them – X-factor, Britain’s Got Mediocrity, etc – so I suppose I’m not qualified to comment.

                The hype and sense of media-generated false importance that surrounds them is enough to put me off.

                The same goes for The Apprentice, that thing in the jungle, Stricty Come Dancing and all soap operas.

                I suppose I’m just a miserable old git.

                Why I even have a TV is a bit of a mystery.


                • I agree. I have never watched any of those things either, and never will. I watched The Voice because I saw that Rossdale was going on it and, having liked Bush for about 20 years, I was intrigued enough to check it out. He did seem like a fish out of water, and didn’t manage to recruit any of the ‘performers’ to coach. I suspect that they wanted to have a token ‘rock’ representative, and he probably made a bad career move.


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