by NobblySan

Scotland has been subjected to this authoritarian bastard’s bullying on more than one occasion, so when the chance was presented to give a little back – someone took it.


2 Comments to “Brilliance”

  1. Some of us plan to be very drunk on Friday during the apocalypse. Very drunk, indeed.


  2. From my Avaaz email:

    “High alert lets the US President fire nuclear weapons at least 20 times more powerful than Hiroshima — in a matter of minutes. It’s subject to false alarms and human error, and once the President decides to launch, no one can stop it.

    It’s insane that anyone would do it, but with Trump in power we have every reason to worry. He’s shown terrifying recklessness and lack of understanding when it comes to the nuclear issue, already asking a policy adviser why the US can’t use nuclear weapons, and saying he’ll take part in a nuclear “arms race”!

    Obama can make the decision now with a stroke of his pen, and once Trump is in office it would be much more difficult for him to reverse it. It’s such a no-brainer that a policy so dangerous and destructive needs to end. Add your name and share the page to help build an enormous global appeal — there’s just 4 days left for Obama to act” :


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