by duncanr

trump-muslim-banfollowing Trump’s order banning visitors from 7 muslim-majority countries in middle-east from entering the USA on counter-terrorism grounds, some questions have been raised about his selection criteria – no terrorism attack in the USA having been linked to any of the 7 banned countries, whereas Saudi Arabia (for example) is not included in Trump’s ban despite the majority of the 9/11 terrorists being linked to that country

some cynical folk claim there is . . .

an inverse correlation between the President’s financial stake in a country and the likelihood of it being placed on the naughty list


more charitable souls, of course, believe such a correlation to be mere coincidence

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6 Comments to “Coincidence?”

  1. Arghhhh!


    All I hear on the radio and on the tellys at work, and all I see in the newspapers is this twat.

    So when I come home and attempt to relax with a bit of banter on the old PC, the last thing I want to see or read about is more of the same.

    Cheers, Dunc – you’re really cheering me up with all this Trumping.


    • think yourself lucky I’m reigning myself in with regard to this pig-ignorant, egocentric, self-aggrandising, psychologically-stunted, arsehole


      • It’s worth remembering, Duncan, that there are people who don’t share your views. People who maybe even read this blog – once at least.


        • and the policy of this blog has always been, from the outset, that anyone can express an opinion – whether it’s one I agree with or not – without fear their comments will be censored in any way

          [you seriously suggesting I should self-censor my own views because other folk have different opinions?]


          • You don’t know my politics, Duncan. I may be on the left, or on the right – maybe even on the extreme right ! But, then again, I may be on the extreme left, or somewhere in between. The reason you don’t know this is because I don’t advertise it in case it should offend someone else who, in turn, keeps their politics to themselves in case theirs should offend me.

            Trump has been voted in. He’s now, like it or not, the President of America. End of story.


            • ‘end of story’ – we’ll have to agree to differ on that one, ratty

              to me, election does not grant immunity to criticism

              for instance, the conservatives were elected to office in the last general election here in the UK – I do not consider that election debars me, the media, or anyone else, from criticising their policies, actions

              likewise, Trump’s election to President does not make him (in my view, at least) – as it did not make any of his predecessors – immune from criticism


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