Keeping the USA Safe

by duncanr

toddler-arrestedPresident Trump spokesperson, Sean Spicer, has defended the detention of a 5yr old Iranian child, following the introduction of restrictions on travellers from 7 muslim countries seeking to enter the USA saying . . .

To assume that just because of someone’s age or gender or whatever that they don’t pose a threat would be misguided and wrong

and he’s right!

statistics show that . . .

more americans have been killed by kids in the USA since 9/11 than by islamic terrorists

if Trump is serious about protecting american lives, sterner measures are clearly called for – rounding up and interning all toddlers until they are 21 would be a good start!

and what about bus drivers something needs to be done to protect americans from them !



4 Comments to “Keeping the USA Safe”

  1. To say nothing of alcohol and prescription medication.


  2. I’ve changed my mind about bus drivers.

    I was talking to one at the airport yesterday. 2 hours earlier he’d just pulled up behind a car, seen the driver slump across the wheel, and after dragging him out, gave him CPR and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.

    The poor sod died before it got there. He’d just come back from his holidays with his wife who was in the passenger seat at the time.

    It made me stop and think about getting all stressed out at work.

    I shook the bus driver by the hand and promised myself I’d chill out a bit.

    Since then I’ve spent two days living on my nerves working until 3am, and in stressful meetings.

    Ho hum.


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