Shit Cam Captures Family Drama

by duncanr

4 Comments to “Shit Cam Captures Family Drama”

  1. I’ll bet most of us can remember terrifying times when we got lost as small children. Tragically and luckily, my parents’ smell was not detectable from afar.


    • I got separated from my mum when I accompanied her to the shops. Fortunately I was too young to suffer any separation anxiety. She left me outside the Co-Op in my pram – then went home without me when she came out !

      she always maintained afterwards she completely forgot about me – as a new mum, she wasn’t used to shopping with a baby in tow – and that it was an accident

      [her story that abandoning me wasn’t intentional would have been more convincing if she hadn’t done the same thing a few weeks later – outside the post-office]

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