R.I.P Gerard Vlemmings

by duncanr

long before Madhatters was launched, I read other folk’s blogs

two of my favourites were Kev at ‘Nothing to do with Arbroath‘ and Gerard at ‘The Presurfer

sadly, Kev died of lung cancer earlier this year

now Gerard, too, has gone – also from lung cancer

Gerard started blogging on Sept 24, 2000

he had a large following and will be missed by many folk from all corners of the world who never met him but for whom he was a part of their daily lives!


5 Comments to “R.I.P Gerard Vlemmings”

  1. I’ve followed a few bloggers who’ve past away. Despite not knowing them I miss them. May he RIP.

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  2. RIP. It’s hard to lose people who feed into our lives, even if we never meet.

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  3. So sorry to hear of your loss Duncan. I did it know either blogger but went over to Gerard’s site. It appears the diagnosis was not long ago. So sad.


  4. I’m just waiting for Oliver Letwin to pop his clogs, and then we can all say

    Letwin RIP

    But then again, ratty never needs an excuse to do that.

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