No &%$£ Allowed

by duncanr

our Nobbly better mind his language before next venturing in to Salford . . .

4 Comments to “No &%$£ Allowed”

  1. I hope he always has such enormous things in his life to be upset over!


  2. Sounds precisely like Russell Brand.

    (Looks up Russell Brand’s origins)

    Lo, and behold!


  3. Last time I was stood where the increasingly-predictable Mr. Pie is in this clip, there was a lot of swearing.

    No1 son was running to the finish in the Salford Triathlon, and the official photographer had positioned himself perfectly to block shots from the spectators facing up the track.

    I wasn’t the only one making my feelings known.

    Funnily enough, you could buy official photos of the finishers.


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