Holi: The Festival of Colours

by duncanr

today, Hindus celebrate Holi – the spring festival symbolising the victory of good over evil in which celebrants cover each other with coloured water and powders

click here to find out how Holi got it’s name http://tinyurl.com/zdy4h3n


20 Comments to “Holi: The Festival of Colours”

  1. I’ve always loved the IDEA of this but my contact lenses cringe at the thought of all that dust hitting my face.


  2. No1 son got involved in Holi a few years ago when he was in Nepal. He said it was all pretty mad, but good fun.

    His only other experience of it was when at university: one of his housemates and some friends got absolutely covered in colours, used the shower in the house and left the whole bathroom covered in the damn stuff. It stained everything and the landlord went apeshit.

    Happy Daze!


  3. Thank you m’lud.


  4. Every year I take a Holiday.

    Does that count ?


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