by duncanr

knowing my family too well, thank f**k I don’t live in Tamil Nadu ! –


12 Comments to “Thalaikkooththal”

  1. ‘Involuntary euthanisia’ indeed – elsewhere it’s known as ‘murder’.

    Anyway, enough of such matters, and onto lack of education in other areas.

    “The villagers call this practice mercy killing because when a family is unable to bear the burden of an elderly, they kill them.”

    An elderly . . .? Elderly what?


  2. (Googles Trump’s age and where to get tender coconut water)


    • I don’t think his age would be any barrier to starting the treatment.

      I’ve also got ample supplies of tender coconut water in the garage. Or is it battery acid? I always get those two mixed up.

      Still, the effect is pretty much the same by all accounts.


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