Scaredy House

by duncanr

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40 Comments to “Scaredy House”

  1. The garbage disposal is rattled, the fruit basket is upset, and the washing machine is agitated.

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  2. However, the roof is managing to remain above such things.


  3. . . . but the toilet was flushed !


  4. If ATW doesn’t want you, Nobbly, then give me a call.

    I have loads of my daughter’s old doll’s clothes that I could dress you up in. Then I could put you in the Fisher-Price baby buggy and push you around the garden where, once in a while, we could stop and have a pretend picnic. Then I could put you in the high-chair at the end of the table where Mrs. R. and I could “coo-coo-ee-choo” you while we had our tea.

    We could have such fun . . .


  5. Ha-ha ! – Brilliant !

    That gave me a much needed laugh.

    Cheers, Nobbly.


  6. Anyhow, with this being the internet and all that, aren’t you just supposed to say LOL or ROFL or PMSL or shit like that?


  7. Nice one, ATW. How did you know that Nobbly’s real name is Rex ?

    **That was in reply to “allthoughtswork” – (posted March 30, 2017 at 9:12 pm)**

    Bloody “reply” prompts are missing again !


    • Just reply to the last visible reply above where you want to shove your comment.

      I think you’re only allowed a certain number of ‘replies to replies’ before the wordpress reply elves start working to rule.


    • His full name is Rex Ruther. He inherited a terrible lisp from his dysfunctional family but discount shock treatments took care of it. I think that’s just where they force you to stare at naked pictures of the Queen until you pass out.


  8. Shove your comment ?

    SHOVE YOUR COMMENT . . ? ? ?

    Well, really !

    Should you need reminding, Sir, the contributions I make to these columns are regarded, by legions, as works of literary genious.


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