Spot the difference

by NobblySan

One is a faintly ludicrous yet dangerous despot, surrounded by adoring acolytes, and the other is . . . . .

I don’t normally ‘do’ Trump posts, but today’s news about the fool really got under my skin.

He can fuck about with healthcare, taxes and shit in the country that elected him for ever and a day as far as I care, but screwing up the whole fucking world just because he can, leaves me somewhat pissed off.




4 Comments to “Spot the difference”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    Signed . . .

    ratty rong un.


  2. Nobbly, stop posting dick pics. It’s gross.


  3. May I be so presumptuous as to take the unprecedented step of correcting your text, NobblySan – Sir – Mate ?

    Instead of the term “adoring acolytes” in the case of Kim Jong-un, could we not substitute it for the far more accurate “shitting myself for not laughing/praising/agreeing with him at the correct time and being punished by execution by anti-aircraft gun or eaten alive by dogs”?

    Hmm, yes it is a bit long.

    My apologies.


    • No worries, mate.

      In the article on the BBC, though, it didn’t mention any of that stuff; it just said that ‘Trump signed the order while surrounded by coal miners . . .’.


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