Losing a Dog

by duncanr

those who have never shared their life with a dog can never fully understand the pain felt, by those who have, when their dog dies

in this video, Alvin Chang explores why losing a beloved dog hurts so much . . .


3 Comments to “Losing a Dog”

  1. NO PAIN LIKE THAT PAIN….to all who have lost their beloved fur baby…I am deeply sorry


  2. Over the past dozen or so years, I’ve had to comfort three of my dogs while the vet administered the ‘big injection’. I still maintain that it was harder and more upsetting than holding the hand of my Mum, and before that, my Dad, as they died.

    It was also a far more dignified and caring death for the dogs (not to mention various cats and ponies), than the ridiculous ‘keep alive at all costs’ nonsense that the law inflicts on our elderly loved ones.

    Earlier today, MrsN and myself went to visit a friend of ours who has been in a nursing home with an inoperable brain tumour for the past 18 months. Over that time we’ve seen him deteriorate physically and mentally. He had been in a hospice, but as he hadn’t showing any signs of dying after a month or so, they kicked him out in favour of someone who was about to.

    Steve is aware of his predicament, and hates it; his family hate it, and his friends also hate it.

    He isn’t ever going to get better – he’s only going to get worse, and I’d give him the human version of what the vet gave our dogs if I had my way.

    But that isn’t seen as being ‘right’, so we’ll go and visit Steve next weekend, and the one after that, and the one after that, and . . .

    Right – that’s that done with. Can I now get back to being silly?


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